Case Study #1

Retail services company that was growing rapidly over the past 4 years. As revenue grew the requirement for more resources grew and the systems and processes that worked before the rapid growth no longer worked. Profit margins slipped to about 11%. They spent several years trying to resolve the issue, they reorganized, tried to implement a process improvement plan and even focused on the employee experience and culture. None of these changes worked and margins continued to decrease.
After x86 Services assessment, we discovered that the IT infrastructure was not efficient and manual. We implemented a plan to instill formal change control policies and procedures to track all changes and ensure updated documentation. We also automated their processes in the IT systems and built the appropriate integrations to other systems to automate manual handoffs. At the end of the first year the profit margin grew to 19%.

Case Study #2

Pharmaceutical company with about 100 employees was growing rapidly and had very well documented processes.  Many of the processes were manual and used physical paper signoffs or checks lists to show completed tasks.  This was not scaling and required constant hiring of new employees putting stress on the IT team of 4.  

After adding an automated IT management system and deploying a zero touch laptop solution the company grew to 400 employees and only added 1 additional IT person to manage the growth.  IT to staff ratio was increased from 1 to 25 to 1 to 80.  Not only was the onboarding process for new employees automated, it significantly reduced the risks of mistakes and the requirement to add headcount saving significant time and money.

Case Study #3

Healthcare marketing company failed a HIPAA audit from one of their biggest customers.  The customer gave the company 60 days to become compliant or they would leave the Healthcare Marketing company.

X86 Services worked with their new IT provider to make sure the technology was deployed to be compliant and wrote the audit response to their customer on how all risks would be mitigated.  All policies and procedures that were missing to meet HIPAA requirements were developed and written and all evidence of compliance was sent to the auditor in time to meet the deadline and become compliant allowing the Healthcare marketing company to keep their customer.


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